I’m back!!

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It’s been a LLOOONNNGGG time since I’ve added anything new to this little blog thingy I started back in Cata and I feel it’s time to remedy that.  Pandaland was a god-awful expansion that I completely stepped back from; I barely raided, I actually unsub’ed for months, all I really did was auction house baron and make a fortune so I was ready to hit the ground running when WoD hit.  Now that I’m getting back into the game and actually enjoying it again I’ve decided to give this little project another go so be sure to stop by and see what kind of ramblings I have in store.



Time to rock!!!

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As the clock ticks down to the launch of another expansion and I prepare to power my way to 90 fueled by beer, Full Throttle and a steady supply of Wheat Thins and Easy Cheeze I can’t help but reflect back on Cata one last time.  What were my favorite parts? Least favorite? Regrets?  Let’s take a quick look back at the expansion that was…

Cata was the first expac that I took a real interest in gold-making and made a real push for the gold cap at one point.  I would have had it easy if I hadn’t taken an even bigger interest in mount collecting.  I had reached a little over 900k and was getting pretty excited to hit gold cap when one day I saw someone advertising some a woolly rhino in trade, typically these turn out to be scams but this guy was actually a max level toon and I ended up losing a bidding war with another guy who was willing to spend more than me.  I was pretty bummed until the guy selling whispered me and said he could get another if I was interested, after some haggling I ended up buying 5 mounts in total from him for half a million gold.  I had never spent that kind of ching before but those on Keal’thas can attest, TCG’s don’t come around very often so I had no regrets.  Since then I haven’t flinched to spend gold for mounts and hope to one day own all of the TCG’s.

Cata was also the first time I went rep crazy though that was more a product of the guild achieve being bugged and a guild needing one individual with 55 reps instead of 55 reps spread amoungst it’s members in order to get access to the pet.  I took the time to grind the reps necassary to get that one knocked out and am looking forward to a bunch of new reps in MoP.

The first raids out of the box were entertaining though it was quickly becoming obvious that the 10/25 shared ID was a giant joke with idiots on both sides arguing that their raid size was “harder”.  Both BoT and Blackwing proved fun while Throne to me came off as gimmicky and Al’akir proved to be the first incredibly obvious proof of how incredibly difficult it really would be for Blizzard to make a fight the same difficulty for 2 different raid sizes.  Al’akir bordered on impossible for 25 man raids while almost laughable for 10-mans.  Ugh, I hated that fight.  Firelands proved to be a well thought out challenging raid but in the end it turned out to be 6 easy/semi-challenging fights and one omfgwtfisthisshitHARD fight.  Heroic Rag was sssssooooo much harder than the rest of the instance it left guilds in the shitty situation of KNOWING they would roflstomp the first six then struggle the rest of their raid week to field enough raiders to even get any quality attempts on him because everyone knew it would be a wipefest.  Then came Dragon Soul.  Biggest piece of garbage raid ever.  Rehashed models, unimaginitive mechanics, fights that simply weren’t fun.  Add to it the fact it was super short, linear, and the math finally showed that 25-mans were actually tuned to require more throughput per raider and this godforsaken raid crushed a lot of peoples will to even log in.  gah!!!  I’m really looking forward to MoP just to see if DS will be the new paradigm or if they will get back to interesting raids.  If the new raids turn out anything like DS MoP will recieve a quick retirement.

Rogues got a legendary, actually, TWO legendaries to close out the expansion.  They turned out to be the cause of a bit of drama and some of my enjoyment was sucked from the game because of it.  I will end Cata needing exactly 1 clear of 25-man DS to complete my daggers…guess what my guild did the last week of Cata…took the week off.  I will go into MoP knowing I will never have the orange pixels.  I’m not upset, just a tad bummed.  It was fun trying to beat rogues with the daggers prior to 5.0.4 but then the buff they recieved left me simply staring up at those lucky enough to receive them.  Maybe next time.

Well, goodbye Cata, hello Pandaria.  Good luck to those of you going for server firsts and, to everyone, let’s hope this expac is not WoW finally jumping the shark like many are predicting.  I think Pandaland will surprise us, at least i hope it does…



PS: Getting up in the middle of the night just to play a video game will officially be on my Murtaugh List come the end of the week.  Just sayin’…

Returning soon…

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Sorry for the long absence but real life dragged me away for a bit and there really hasn’t been much wow-related to talk about.  With pandaland hitting next week and a ton of new stuff to see and do I’m going to recommit to this blog.  I’ll post about the race to 90, rep-farming, mount-hording, gold-making, and, when they finally open, raiding.  Hopefully I’ll find the time to post at least 5 days a week and maybe even recruit some guest writers from time to time.

It’s good to be back.


Drama and ratings…

•June 7, 2012 • 6 Comments

It’s funny how every time I have a post that contains griping, whining, bitching or simply criticizing it tends to boost hits to my blog considerably.  So today I’m going to randomly insult people and bitch about things I see wrong with the game…it’s all about the ratings!!!

Sink is gay and calls me an asshole way too much, I cry myself to sleep at night.

Aribethe can lick my balls(though that’s not really saying much because I have an open door policy when it comes to allowing people to lick my balls).

Dragon Soul is the least imaginative, most boring raid EVER!!  It makes ToC look like Ulduar.

My friend Pete’s head is too big for his body, hell, ANY body.

Lirin won’t return my affection no matter how much I stalk her.

Kam secretly likes tofu more than bacon!!!

Edicomoh is still the coolest dude around so I’ll just make something up…ummm…he has both male and female genitalia(he keeps ’em in a jar under his bed).

Aelric acts like a giant perv just to hide that fact is actually a hairy woman with a deep voice.

Gil is secretly in love with Opti and once told me he’d club a baby seal and eat a kitten for just one night with her.

Fifty is a gnome IRL.

Konji once got sssoooo angry at a puppy for looking cute he ranted and raged for three days straight without food or water.  Rumor has it he ended up in the hospital from extreme dehydration and exhaustion.

Starbright loves me, REALLY loves me.  REALLLLLYYY!!!

Sprint customer service can die ever so slowly in a fire even if they do manage to reimburse me the $53.87 they claim they don’t owe me…fuckers.

Captnice really needs to clarify whether his name it Captain Nice or Captain Ice, I spend countless hours contemplating which it is and the possible ramifications.  It reminds me of the kid I went to school with named Mike Hunt…

My buddy Lon’s wife is sooo much cooler than him I now have a reason to talk to him.  Hi Erica!!!

Renella needs to post more swimsuit pics to the guild forum.  (well, swimsuit, lingerie, nude…it really doesn’t matter just more pics!!!)

Choogy isn’t a bad player he just has an almost perverted love of standing in fire, it’s really not his fault.

Blizzard fucked the pooch on so many things in Cata that I predict massive subscription losses if Mists isnt unbelievably phenomenal.

I think that’s all I have for today, if this doesn’t generate a new record number of hits for me I don’t know what will.



(any resemblance to real people in the above statements is strictly coincidence, it is a pure work of fiction and if you think otherwise you’re right)

Sub’ing out…

•June 6, 2012 • 4 Comments

So last night I did something that I’ve done many times; sat out for another player.  Someone asked if anyone would be willing to sit out Madness for someone else, assuming the person needed some loot from Madness I volunteered to sit even though I’m still collecting for my Legendaries, I really wanted a chance at getting mount number 157, AND Madness drops the single biggest upgrade still available to me.  I figured if someone else needs something I’m always willing to help out a guildie.  Turns out the person that came in needed no gear and already had the mount, he just wanted to dps that fight…wtf?!?  I’m so used to getting the shit end of the stick that it doesn’t shock me that I gave it to myself last night but, good god, I literally sat for no reason.  There are hopefully a lot of full clears still ahead so I’ll have a chance at the mount but considering we’re planning on turning off the buff next week at least having a chance at the axe and the 1k+ dps boost it would provide would’ve been nice.  I don’t blame anyone in the guild, it was my own fault, I should’ve spoken up that I still had stuff I needed from the boss, I really can’t expect anyone other than myself to know what I need or don’t need from any particular boss.  Doesn’t make it any easier to swallow though.


The Game…

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Seeing as how there’s really nothing WoW related to post about I’ll continue reviewing random stuff.  First let me preface by letting you know where I’m coming from when reviewing this.  I’m NOT reviewing the books, I am basing my opinion of the HBO series entirely on the show.  I read the first book back in the late ’90s and have very little recollection of it so anything I know of any of the characters and places in the show are completely based upon what HBO has presented.

One word review: motherfuckingawesome!!!

More wordy review:  This is what all television/movies should be like.  Great production values, amazing visuals, characters that you truly care about(both hero and villain), and a story that constantly leaves you guessing.  The only thing predictable is that you can’t predict a damn thing.  At this point in the series I honestly have no idea where it’s going or even who I want to win in the end, all I know is I’m enjoying the ride.  The series is brilliant, compelling, and just plain fun.  If you haven’t seen it yet I can’t stress enough how much I want you to go out and watch it now, just be warned that once you start you won’t stop until you’re done.


Snow White

•June 4, 2012 • 1 Comment

One word review: meh.

More wordy review:  Went and saw this last night; nothing original, decent visuals, average acting, slow pacing, pointless sideplot, too long.  I’m not sure why I expected more but left dissappointed.  I should’ve just went to the Avengers again.


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